Sharif Hamza


For a fashion photographer and director who started his career only recently, 2010 to be exact, Sharif Hamza is a huge big “SHOT”

You can instantly know that an editorial has been photographed by him; the bright vibrant background with the amazing colors shout out to you “Check me out!”. Just think of  Lupita Nyong’o Dazed & Confused magazine and you would know exactly what I mean.


Hamza uses the light in a way that you can just reach out and lick Beyonce’s ice-cream or touch Lindsy Wixson’s radiant skin.

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He photographed for many magazines including Dazed & Confused, W, V Man, AnOther, Interview, Love, GQ, and Vogue to name a few.He made campaigns for Dior Homme, Iceberg, Max Mara, H&M among others.

Besides Hamza is also a a filmmaker, his “In Motion” film by Armani with Liu Wen that was filmed exclusively for  AnOther magazine is breathtakingly intriguing.

One of my favorite photographers hands down.

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Iceberg/Max Mara


London Fashionweek Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear/ Sass & Bide

I am a huge fan Of Sass & Bide. I follow every twitter, every news, and every instagram picture they post. If I was lacking inspiration and needed a boost, a look at their designs, color palettes, ethnic embellishment, and boards (with a little help of chocolate surely 😀 ) always refreshes my soul.

Their last collection did not have those vibrant colors, embellishment, and prints I got used to. Their style has been toned down, polished and groomed to look more refined than hype. It’s like when you are asked to take off your cool colorful T shirt, comfy ripped jeans, and flip flop and change into a black dress with white collar and black shiny shoes!

Nevertheless Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton managed to sneak a bit of flashy orange/tangerine color to their basic white and black collection. There were some military style embroidery, oblong silver sequins, and those  white pearls ‘n orange shells embellishment on the jacket and dress were definitely sassy.