Elie Saab Couture Spring Summer 2013 Paris



Chanel Couture/ Spring Summer 2013 Paris

“I always feel I can do better,” Karl said after the show. “The minute you think you did it, you should stop.”

Every time I see any of Karl Lagerfeld’s creations I say that’s it, he has outdone himself yet he always manages to disappoint me and produces a new work of  art.

Transparency/see through fabric seems like a dominant theme in Paris Couture ’13, whether in clothes, accessorfies, and footwear. It’s evident in many collections such as Christian  Dior’s, Stephane Rolland, and Chanel. During the Chanel show I couldn’t blink fearing I would miss seeing any of the thigh-high, open toed,luminousy, lacy, leathery boots.

Would I be considered greedy if I wanted each one of them?