Sharif Hamza


For a fashion photographer and director who started his career only recently, 2010 to be exact, Sharif Hamza is a huge big “SHOT”

You can instantly know that an editorial has been photographed by him; the bright vibrant background with the amazing colors shout out to you “Check me out!”. Just think of  Lupita Nyong’o Dazed & Confused magazine and you would know exactly what I mean.


Hamza uses the light in a way that you can just reach out and lick Beyonce’s ice-cream or touch Lindsy Wixson’s radiant skin.

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He photographed for many magazines including Dazed & Confused, W, V Man, AnOther, Interview, Love, GQ, and Vogue to name a few.He made campaigns for Dior Homme, Iceberg, Max Mara, H&M among others.

Besides Hamza is also a a filmmaker, his “In Motion” film by Armani with Liu Wen that was filmed exclusively for  AnOther magazine is breathtakingly intriguing.

One of my favorite photographers hands down.

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Iceberg/Max Mara


H&M’s Rock‘n’Roll Mansion Collection

Summer Must; Shift dress and cool, looks sooo comfy, sandal from H&M ❤


Elle Mexico December 2012

I love everything in this magazine spread; the light, texture, color, pattern,light, styling, model, clothes, accessories, and everything else <3<3<3

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