I fell in love the minute I laid my eyes on these comfy looking seatings. They felt so good and cozy when I imagined sitting on them in my background garden on a breezy summer night as I sip on my ice tea and later I can stretch on them on my porch while I sit watching the rain drinking hot chocolate.

The collection is modern and minimalistic both in color and design, it can be combined and arranged in various ways and styles according to ones space and for the ever restless ones who like to continuously redecorate.

The collection is called JIAN meaning “in-between” in Chinese. Beautiful design by Neri&Hu for GANDIABLASCO.


Jian-Outdoor-Furniture-NeriHu-Gandiablasco-9-600x799Jian-Outdoor-Furniture-NeriHu-Gandiablasco-5-600x799 Jian-Outdoor-Furniture-NeriHu-Gandiablasco-11-600x799


Z Boat

And since we are talking about Zaha, we have to mention that she has been commissioned (how fancy!) American art dealer Kenny Schachter to create the Z Boat. A limited edition all black 7.5 meter boat, only 12 will be built so hurry up toy lovers.

Don’t ask me why but I so picture Kanye West driving it!


This is the second cooperation between Zaha and Kenny after the three wheeled Z Car.

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